Friday Photo Blogging: Western Parade

Here’s a shot of the Castle Road end of Western Parade in Southsea. Western Parade has a special place in my memories, for an assortment of reasons. The setting for a lot of good times back in the day – and a few bad times too, but what’s life without contrast, eh?

Western Parade

My photography is still pretty lame. Maybe I’ll hit up Jeremiah for some tips and tricks … Continue reading Friday Photo Blogging: Western Parade

Hugo Nominees announced

Just in case for some strange reason VCTB is the only science fiction literature blog that you’ve read so far today, I’ll let you know that the Hugo Award nominees have been announced. Niall has the complete nominees list (with links and insight) over on Torque Control, as well as a link to Peter Watts’ stunned reaction to Blindsight making it into the ballot for best novel. And well deserved, too.