A brief message from the Ministry Of Truth

Everyone thinks they have a novel in them. This storytelling urge apparently runs all the way into the Ministry of Defence, who’ve decided to rewrite a certain rather gory tale with no forseeable ending that’s set in the Middle East. After all, the truth – when unpalatable – is best covered up. Especially when the children might hear it.

Perhaps some children, encouraged by their parents or just simply contrarian by nature, will refute this fictionalisation of a massive financially-motivated war crime by any other name. At which point they will doubtless have their DNA sampled for a database that is just waiting to be hacked open like a decades-old pomegranate, under suspicion of having the potential to become a life-long offender – which, once stigmatised as such, they are most certainly more likely to become.

Sneaky little free-thinking scum-bags – they will be easily spotted, as they’ll be the ones who refuse to swear allegiance to a puppet monarchy.

[ The next person who tells me I should be more proud to be British is going to receive all the swearing that I just redacted from this post before publishing it, and then some.

The next person to blame the ills of the country on im’grunts or tur’rists will spend the next two days in casualty having my boot surgically removed from their arse. ]

4 thoughts on “A brief message from the Ministry Of Truth”

  1. We currently have the most dangerous kind of government possible…

    A government who has run out of ideas, whose talent pool has entirely been used up and whose natural tendency is for increasing control and centralisation AND that has lost the media initiative entirely and is hell bent on reclaiming it with eye-catching initiatives no matter how ill thought out and cretinous they might be.

  2. Interesting that the Independent only uses the incredulously low civilian casualty figure of 85,000, which is presumably based on the inherently under-representative Iraq Body Count figures.

    Not that it’s a numbers game, of course, but there’s quite a difference between the low media report-based estimates like 85,000 and the various statistical estimations and surveys that peg the excess death count at beyond 1 million people. I certainly remember my high school textbooks breathlessly exclaiming the number of people Hitler and Stalin killed (funnily enough they left competing mass-murderer Suharto out, though I think Pol Pot warranted a mention).

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