A winner is me! VCTB scoops Best Website For Timewasting at Hub Magazine!

Through the magic of trackback links, albeit somewhat belatedly, I discover that this here blog has won its first official accolade.

Yes, indeed! Lee Harris, editor of Hub Magazine, has this to say about the Best Website For Timewasting category:

“As a serial timewaster, the internet has become something of a boon and a burden, with many wonderful sites dedicated to taking time from an otherwise productive day. www.SFX.co.uk has a good selection of news snippets posted most days, and is usually worth a look. www.dwscifi.com (the online home of Dreamwatch) has new reviews and news posted daily, and again, well worth a daily visit.

The website most worthy of this extremely prestigious accolade, however, is Paul Raven’s home at www.velcro-city.co.uk. Paul is the webmaster of The Velcro City Tourist Board. He also happens to write for Futurismic, Interzone, and Vector (the critical magazine of the British Science Fiction Association). Velcro City contains daily links to other items of interest around the internet, as well as essays, reviews and opinion pieces.”

Well, wow. I’m really quite chuffed. I’d like to thank my mother, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, my agent …

And I guess I should take the opportunity to point out to Lee (and indeed anyone else) that if you think VCTB is a good way of wasting your time, that makes it an even better way of wasting my own!

Thanks for reading, everyone. I wonder if I can win this prize two years running?

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3 thoughts on “A winner is me! VCTB scoops Best Website For Timewasting at Hub Magazine!”

  1. Wait…so does this award now mean that the time i waste looking at this blog is now no longer a waste of time?

    I’m so confused….

    Congrats VCTB!

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