Aeroplane Attack – live in Southsea!

As you may recall me mentioning elsewhere and elsewhen, Aeroplane Attack – the band in which I do horrible things to guitar tones using small metal boxes full of electronic components – had our second gig this Monday just past. Here’s the pretty poster with our name on it:

And thanks to the good grace of one Matthew Emson (who seems to have appointed himself as Official Videographer of our meteoric[1] career) we have live footage of the set, too. The sound’s somewhat better in quality than the last video, though there’s not a lot of definition thanks to the hideous volume at which we play; nonetheless, it’s a plucky job for a little cameraphone, and another taste of melodic bombing-run fuzz from the mean streets of Velcro City:

And it seems we may well be playing again in a fortnight’s time – we must be doing something right. Either that, or word hasn’t gotten around to all the local promoters yet…

[ 1 – Yeah, meteoric – a bright flash and a fast fall to earth, AMIRITE? 😉 ]

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