Arthur C Clarke Award shortlist announced

It doesn’t appear to have made it onto the official website yet, but the BSFA forums have the shortlist for this year’s Clarke Awards:

  • The Red Men – Matthew de Abaitua (Snow Books)
  • The H-Bomb Girl – Stephen Baxter (Faber & Faber)
  • The Carhullan Army – Sarah Hall (Faber & Faber)
  • The Raw Shark Texts – Steven Hall (Canongate)
  • The Execution Channel – Ken MacLeod — (Orbit)
  • Black Man – Richard Morgan (Gollancz)

Your yearly instalment of controversy starts here!

I’m thinking of starting a shadow award that works off of the Clarke, wherein there is a prize for the book that everyone thought was a shortlist shoo-in, and another prize for the book whose presence on the shortlist no one can understand. Now accepting nominations!

4 thoughts on “Arthur C Clarke Award shortlist announced”

  1. I think almost every response I’ve seen to the shortlist is people going “Interesting, but where is Brasyl?” I realise it’s a juried award and maybe those 6 people just didn’t like Brasyl much, but I was surprised to see it missing given there’s such a consensus that it should have been on there.

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