At last, the Valleyschwag has arrived!

Well, it was a long time coming (thanks to the ‘schwag team having to cope with much higher demand than they expected, and Royal Mail being tardy b*ggers as always), but my first Valleyschwag care package has arrived. ‘So whadda ya get, AA? Huh? Huh?’

Well, let’s take a look…apologies for crap photos, my camera is cheap; click the thumbs for larger images.

That Burlap Bag of Goodness...

And inside the package…

The contents!

Well, quite a little haul there. Badges, stickers, one T-shirt…and, oh the irony, a Moveable Type baseball cap! I’m a WordPress user! Furthermore, that badboy is to small for my be-dreadlocked bonce, so that’ll be an eBay item soon, unless any readers of VCTB express an interest. Or maybe I should send it back across the pond to my boss Jeremy; Futurismic uses MT, maybe he’d like to fly the flag. Then again, he works for Palm, so he probably has more geek accessories than he knows what to do with already…

So, here’s yours truly looking as handsome as ever in his new RubyRedLabs T-shirt…as the logo says, ‘Fresh’:

Yours truly...handsome devil, eh?

I wore it out to the pub last night; a fair few of my mates asked me who ‘RubyRedLabs’ were, and more importantly what kind of music they made. Heh.

As for the stickers…well, I don’t have a laptop (what kind of geek am I, eh? A poor geek, that’s what kind). So instead I put them on the old skate-plank:

The skate-plank, now with added geek

So there we have it. I’m quite chuffed, really, not a bad sweep for a little over 10 coins of the realm. I wonder what will arrive next time? Rest assured, the readers of VCTB will be the first to find out!

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