Author Interview: Karl Schroeder

I’d read two books by Karl Schroeder in the last few months, both of which blew me away. So I took it upon myself to send the man an email to see if he could spare some time to answer some interview questions from me. He very graciously agreed, and I am therefore very pleased to present the first Velcro City author interview.

Here Mr. Schroeder talks about his writing (including his latest novel Sun of Suns, which will be reviewed here at VCTB in a few days time), foresight consultancy and the demise of futurist gurus, the future of the publishing industry (sf-nal and mainstream), and why he thinks the technological singularity is bunk. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed asking the questions!


Here’s a little teaser for you; you’ll need to click through on this segment to get to the page with the whole thing:

“It’s preposterous to bemoan the ‘death of science fiction’ when in fact SF has triumphed and taken over the cultural imagination in most countries on Earth. It’s not SF that’s on its way out – it’s just fandom and SF writing. Because they’re no longer where the action is. It’s games, movies, cgi, graphic novels, and all the sophisticated home-built stuff that kids are making for their own amusement – that’s where SF lives today.”

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