Beyond piercings

Standard piercings…sooooo last millenium, man. have an article about the next wave of body modification, subdermal implants.

These have been knocking around since about 1994; I know a few people who either have or have had them in the past, but they have had nothing close to the market penetration (sorry) that regular piercings have nowadays. But there are indications that this will change. Implants are similar to piercings, but are inserted completely beneath the skin of the recipient, only visible as a raised bump beneath the skin. People are working on optical ‘glow-in-the-dark’ versions, and others are working on incorporating RFID and other silicon tech to create active devices that can be worn in the same way.

Every year that passes, the world becomes more like a William Gibson novel. And why not? 😀

One thought on “Beyond piercings”

  1. This just makes me feel plain uncomfortable. The thought of having something under my skin is playing havok with my adam’s apple right now. It’d be like having maggots in your vein.

    Or something.

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