Big fat leak of UK government’s approval of torture techniques

Looks like something slipped through the net here (literally)…read the whole post on Lenin’s Tomb (this link found on Ken Macleod’s blog. Just doing my little bit to make sure government lies don’t disappear like they want them to. Of course, I’m not suggesting you use this information to link direct to the document, to Lenin’s Tomb, Ken’s blog or mine (even though, after all, none of *us* were given direct orders not to disseminate this information). Just for everyone’s sake, and the sake of humanity and human rights, tell everyone you know where to find them. Now. From the Lenin’s Tomb post:

Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, has been trying to expose the government’s complicity with the Uzbek regime in obtaining information through the use of torture. Two documents in particular are being suppressed, because the FCO has instructed Mr Murray not to include them in his new book and to hand over all copies – fortunately, however, they have already made their way into the public domain by some means. And I, of course, have received no instructions from any official. Here they are:

Michael Wood is the legal adviser to the Foreign Office, (it was to him that Elizabeth Wilmshurt’s resignation letter was addressed), and he is explaining that the government’s position on obtaining information that it is not illegal under the UN to receive or use information obtained under torture. The only limitation is that it may not be used in court. It is addressed to Linda Duffield, who I assume is the same Linda Duffield who acts as UK ambassador to the Czech Republic, which has recently been implicated in the hosting of CIA prison sites. Its Interior Minister claims that the Republic turned down a US request to set up a detention centre on its territory.

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