Blog Pimping: Kevin Kelly’s ‘Street Use’

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds – way more than most people seem to consider a plateful*. Some of them have three or four (or more) posts a day, but some of them update only very sporadically – which means when they do, it’s a rare treat.

A good example is Kevin Kelly’s ‘Street Use’. Named after that William Gibson quote I’m so fond of, it collects examples of people solving real-world problems using objects in ways that they were never originally intended for.

Today, we discover how to transport twenty live chickens on the back of a bicycle:


That’s ingenuity, Chinese style.

[* That’s not a boast, just a statement of fact. Or possibly a cry for help, looked at another way.]

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  1. well, I’m not counting the 80+ people on my friendslist on LJ, so if I add them, I think we’re at about the same level.

    We definitely have a problem.

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