Book Review: ‘Icarus’ by Roger Levy

Roger Levy's 'Icarus'

Roger Levy, ‘Icarus’ – Gollancz SF, August 2006, 432pp, £12.99, ISBN 057507860X


Haven is a barren world, its surface scoured by ferocious winds. The human colony it holds has burrowed into the rock of the planet – years of desperate effort to stay alive have rendered their origins all but forgotten. What remains is held in the Vault, rigidly mediated by the Directorate of Fact. Storytelling is forbidden, as is the speaking of ‘unFact’. When two survey-drillers discover a vessel buried in a sea of solidified magma, far out beyond the boundaries of the colony, Fact moves to conceal the evidence that it contains. One of the Surveyors, Quill, manages to escape alive with some mysterious artefacts and a whole lot of questions. He is a wanted man, on the run and in search of the truth …

[This review originally published in Vector #250; the complete article can be read on the Vector website.]

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