Public service announcement time, folks. Turns out that for various reasons my house will no longer have broadband connectivity as of tomorrow, and I currently have no idea how soon we’ll be getting it back.

No, I’m not very happy about this at all. In the name of diplomacy, however, I’m going to do the wise thing and not explain exactly why I’m so unhappy about it. This is just one of the costs of sharing a living space; sometimes decisions that affect you are beyond your control. Sometimes, you may feel that those decisions have been made foolishly, or for reasons which you would respond to very differently. At those times, one must simply suck it up and deal.

So, yeah; not like the posting schedule here is going to be affected much (what with there being no posting schedule to speak of), but other things may be backburnered by necessity, and this strikes me as the logical place to make a central announcement of such for non-business purposes. (Affected clients will be contacted directly, if any of you are reading.)

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: Looks like the downtime may be limited to just a few days in a week or so’s time, which is a great relief. Thanks for all the offers of help; may still need to take a few of them up at some point.

2 thoughts on “Brownout”

  1. You can always get your own wi-fi set up and if the flatmates wish to use it you can give them the password upon their setting up of a standing order into your account to pay the monthly broadband fee. I did and the web is always on. Being the account holder, if anyone doesn’t pay their share I change the password and they can go down the web caf. Arsey, I know, but effective; been sharing houses for twenty years now and I could do without the politics of bills sharing!

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