CD Review: ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero

The ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero is a real blast-from-the-past. If one pays a lot of attention to the music media today, one could be forgiven for thinking that the term ‘punk’ covers a multitude of different sounds and styles. And to be fair, this is very true, but has as much to do with marketing as linear evolution in art. Hetero, however, have the true sound of punk as it was first born in dingy clubs in the late seventies. The production of the CD is a little thin (which may be as much to do with the duplication process as any shortfall at the studio), but this merely lends a further level of authenticity to the sound. The songs are clear and simple, and lose nothing by not sounding like a million-dollar ProTools album. The instruments are well balanced and the vocals ride on top, proud and confident, and most of all very human, with the little imperfections that make a live show so much more of an experience than a clinical recording. The songs are all short sharp blasts of old-school bar-room punk; the longest tune clocks in at a brisk 2 minutes 46! Brisk and choppy four-chord progressions, gruff but clear vocals and a stripped down approach to song writing mean that there is no chance of the simplicity becoming boring. Each track is just as long as it should be, and no more; a lot of younger bands could learn from this non-self-indulgent approach. The subject matter of the songs is that of punks-grown-up; more thoughtful, deeper, but still fresh and uncompromising on the matters that matter. It just goes to show that the front wave of Generation X (many of them now parents, employees and marital partners) still know how to kick against the pricks when they want to. In summary; if ‘punk’ means Blink 182 to you, this will probably seem irrelevant. But if you still pogo around your home to your old Damned albums, Hetero are going to be a thoroughly enjoyable journey, part nostalgia and part affirmation of your here-and-now. Just remember not to spit on the floor too much…

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  1. Thanks for the kind review AA.
    Future tunes will be sent straight to ya bro.Although at the mo we ain’t played together for awhile.
    Pity Portsmouth look ready for the drop, unless sir harry returns to save ya!

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