Cell-level enzyme computer could deliver drugs logically

A molecular computer based on enzymes has been developed by Israeli scientists.

“This is basically a computer that could be integrated with the human body,” Willner told New Scientist. “We feel you could implant an enzyme computer into the body and use it to calculate an entire metabolic pathway.”

Martyn Amos from University of Exeter, UK, also sees great potential for such devices. “The development of fundamental devices such as counters is vital for the future success of bio-molecular computers,” he told New Scientist.

“If such counters could be engineered inside living cells, then we can imagine them playing a role in applications such as intelligent drug delivery, where a therapeutic agent is generated at the site of a problem,” Amos says. “Counters would also offer a biological ‘safety valve’, to prevent engineered cells proliferating in an uncontrolled fashion.”

One more step closer to the future of bioengineered humanity. And just imagine the potential street uses for this sort of tech once it become ubiquitous. They all laughed at William Gibson, you know…

Link pinched from KurzweilAI.net.

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