Clarke Awards – a deafening absence of controversy

Well, I’ve not actively been a part of the science fiction community for very long, but I’ve been around long enough to know that there’s usually a huge uproar of controversy and bitching after the winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award is announced.

This year? Nothing. Nada. Silencio.

Does this mean everyone’s happy with the choice of M. John Harrison’s Nova Swing?* Or are the discontented just holding fire until they have some really ripe and fermented blog bile to launch?

[* You’ll hear no complaints from me, that’s for sure.]

4 thoughts on “Clarke Awards – a deafening absence of controversy”

  1. I reckon everyone’s happy. Not heard anyone say a bad thing about the book.

    Mind you, wasn’t everyone happy last year too? (uncertain)

  2. I think (I hope) everyone is content with this year’s choice – even if folks didn’t ‘like’ Harrison’s novel, or would have chosen differently themselves, it does seem generally acknowledged that ‘Nova Swing’ was/is deserving. It’s an excellent novel, written by a great novelist, which is quite clearly sf. There’s very little not to agree with there except, I suppose, on grounds of subjective aesthetic opinion.

  3. Yeah, most people were pretty happy with Air. The previous three years all had some debate, though — Iron Council beating out River of Gods and Cloud Atlas; Quicksilver possibly not being sf at all (though that year was a weird shortlist); and The Separation beating Light.

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