– Bush says he signed NSA wiretap order – Dec 17, 2005

Bush says he signed NSA wiretap order:

After The New York Times reported, and CNN confirmed, a claim that Bush gave the National Security Agency license to eavesdrop on Americans communicating with people overseas, the president said that his actions were permissible, but that leaking the revelation to the media was illegal. During an unusual live, on-camera version of his weekly radio address, Bush said such authorization is “fully consistent” with his “constitutional responsibilities and authorities.”

And he’s not even ashamed…then why would he be – I expect one of his cronies told him it would be okay. I’ve actually posted this as a positive story…because if you remember, Nixon got his karma eventually. In twenty year’s time, Watergate will look like a pindrop compared to the events of the past few years. If the world lasts that long, of course…

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