Come back, nineties; all is forgiven

Commandante Sterling, commenting on the launch of new R U Sirius-edited pop-transhumanism magazine h+:

(((I’ve never been a big hippiefied ’60s nostalgist, but after all we’ve been through lately, to have the *1990s* back… would that rock, or what?)))

OMG, yes it would.

Anyone who knows me offline will confirm that I’ve been longing for it for about the last seven years – musically, politically and culturally, we need to drag ourselves out of this cocaine-crazed blind-rat rerun of the eighties before it chokes us all with faux-ironic polkadot day-glo and its utter lack of introspection, morals and restraint.

Plus, my haircut[1] will briefly be fashionable again. w00t!

[ 1 – Or, more accurately, lack thereof. ]

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