Competition: win a copy of the Glorifying Terrorism anthology!

'Glorifying Terrorism' anthology from Rackstraw Press

Roll up, roll up, for VCTB’s first ever competition giveaway! As regular readers may have noted, I ended up with two copies of the just-released Glorifying Terrorism anthology from Rackstraw Press – one I bought for myself, and one that I got sent as a review copy. So, I thought – why not give one away to my readers?


Here’s how to enter the competition:

  • I want you to follow in the footsteps of Charlie Stross, Ken MacLeod, Gwyneth Jones, Adam Roberts and the other great authors who have contributed to this book, and write your own story that might be considered to be glorifying terrorism.
  • However, this will be a drabble-format competition – the story must be exactly 100 (one hundred) words long, not including the title; no more, no less.
  • You have until Sunday 11th March 2007, midnight GMT, to submit your story to the VCTB email address (look in the sidebar of the homepage).
  • Stories sent as attached documents, please (rtf, openoffice or word), and please start the email subject line with GT COMPETITION.
  • I will pick one winner and three runners-up; the winner receives the book (which I will mail internationally, if necessary, at my own expense). The winner and the runners-up will have their stories posted here on VCTB; all rights to the stories will remain with their creators.
  • Multiple entries are welcome, but no more than three per person, please.
  • My decision is final, and based entirely on my own aesthetic standards. I will be looking less for literary brilliance, and more for striking, clever or funny ideas within the deliberately limited framework.
  • This is meant to be fun; please treat it as such, and not as the nearest thing to the Booker Prize. For clarifications on the rules, please leave a comment below.

So, get writing! I look forward to your submissions. And hey, why not blog this and tell your friends, too? My main aim here is to promote the book itself, so spread the word far and wide.

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