Congratulations, Discovery

I can’t imagine any futurists, space-nuts or general geeks in the US could have wished for a better present on Independence Day. I was extremely pleased to hear the shuttle launched successfully, and on such an auspicious and historic day, too. May there be more missions to follow, and more development in the same field. I want to go into orbit before I’m too old (or before the world is too screwed to support that sort of endeavour)!

Sorry to say, but this is all the postage you’re getting from me this evening; it’s been a sweltering hot day in Velcro City, which has left me unable to think coherently enough to post about anything interesting. Add to that the fact that almost the entire US blogosphere (and hence a huge chunk of my daily input) has taken the day off for July 4th, and you have my justification for going to bed without ranting on about some choice tidbit of geek news.

I’m sure you’ll survive! Back to business tomorrow; happy Independence Day to my American readers.

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