Crichton gets petroleum pat-on-the-back

Well, here’s something I never knew before. Turns out Michael Crichton is a journalist…according to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists at least. One thing is for sure, he’s not a science fiction author, as I have mentioned before. Science fiction authors don’t portray science as a dangerous pseudo-religion, and don’t exploit the technophobia of the ignorant to shift product. Credit where credit is due, he’s an accomplished writer. But his ethics certainly don’t align with my own.

The AAPG are very pleased with Crichton’s book ‘State of Fear’, largely because it rubbishes the science of climate change, painting it as the myth-making of loopy scientists with an axe to grind. They (the AAPG) apparently believe that climate change is a falsehood; another example of how they can be so blindly stupid as to give a journalism award to a novelist who exploits the lack of public scientific knowledge to shift airport-concourse thrillers.

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