Critique of Resnick’s "Starship: Pirate" now live

Sheesh; you go up to the Big Smoke to interview a band and see their show, hence missing out on a day’s worth of RSS reading, and the mountain you find in your inbox on your return looks like a week’s worth …

First thing to share, in the name of self-aggrandisement if nothing else, is that you can read my review / critique of Mike Resnick’s Starship: Pirate at SF Site this week.

Second thing to share – utterly unrelated to anything this site normally discusses – is that the burner in my gas oven seems to have gone wrong. Is there an appliance engineer in the house?

One thought on “Critique of Resnick’s "Starship: Pirate" now live”

  1. That’s a very interesting criticism. I disagree with a couple of points, which is only natural, but it is rare to find such a thoughtful appraisal of one of my books. Please know that it’s appreciated.

    — Mike Resnick

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