Daily links problem

Hey there, link-fans.

It looks like del.icio.us is having some issues this evening, namely telling me that I’m trying to hit its servers too often – which makes no sense, because I’ve tried five times in the last hour, and those are the first five times in the last 24 hours. The end result of this fact is that I can’t actually submit any bookmarks this evening, let alone hope they’ll get dumped here later, so we can only hope that I’ll be able to do some sort of marathon upload tomorrow (because I have spare time coming out of my arse, you know).

The error message has the Yahoo branding all over it, though, so I’m not gonna get angry at del.icio.us until I’m sure it’s not the fault of their new overlords. But I am quite miffed to find a service that has been virtually flawless for twelve months has suddenly locked me out completely. That sucks. Like, big time.

If the situation changes within the next half-hour or so, things may be OK, but I’m not staying up all night on the off-chance. I have a day job that actually pays for my bandwidth, and they’re not so tolerant of people phoning in sick due to lack of sleep. Sorry, guys. I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can.

Update 00:21 25/10/06 – Still no joy, despite the fact that every other Yahoo service is wide open to me right now. If I had loose teeth to spit, I’d be doing it. Anyone wanting to do a study in internet service dependency issues should probably email me privately…

3 thoughts on “Daily links problem”

  1. Good to know it’s not just me; it was still touch and go earlier on this evening, but (fingers crossed) she’s up and running at the moment, and I’m trying to do two days worth of links as swiftly as possible…

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