Decaying aspirations of professionalism

Didn’t get much done yesterday, blogging-wise, eh? Well, I’m not going to make any excuses, I was far too busy hanging out and having lengthy in depth conversations with a variety of excellent persons. Once the panel was done, I got completely wrapped up in discussions that veered from weighty to frivolous and back again, loaded with quips, snark and the occasional disagreement – I’ve actually discovered someone who doesn’t like China Mieville’s novels, for example. If Shaun hasn’t lost his notes, we should have a collection of interesting quotes by the end of the weekend, but I sincerely hope my fishtank metaphor has gone to a suitable waste paper receptacle …

Guilty parties and interesting persons who either had me listening to them intently or blathering drunkenly at them included:

  • Martin McGrath
  • Jetse de Vries
  • Sandy Auden
  • Gareth L. Powell
  • Neil Williamson
  • and others

Yeah, so I’m name dropping. Sue me – I’m having fun. I recorded the panel, but have yet to determine how well the audio came out. I know my headphones are in the hotel room somewhere … Niall recorded it too, so someone will hopeful have a useable copy that we can share online with inerested persons. I’m told that the panel went pretty well – I’m not sure whether that is just people being nice or not, but I’m inclined to believe it went OK. Fairly nervewarcking experience for a first time moderator, though.

Suffice to say that, given Jetse “inhuman Dutch beer-consumption machine” de Vries and I were the last people to leave the bar at two in the morning, I wasn’t up very early today. But was still up before Shaun, and he went to bed before me, so I win on points so far.

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