Declaring war on Easter

PZ Myers at Pharyngula, after a succesful campaign against a certain other horrendously over-commercialised and ultimately false and silly Christian festival, has decided to go for the throat of Easter. This guy is a strict rationalist, and brooks no religious mumbo-jumbo of any type. He rather enjoys baiting the Bible bashers. And why not?

Personally, I’m a live-and-let-live type of person, and if people want to believe in some guy rising from the dead to cleanse them of their sins, I can’t see any reason they shouldn’t, so long as they don’t foist it on other people. Thankfully we are still mercifully short on evangelists here in Velcro City, and I believe in the UK in general. So I’m going to direct my part of the war on Easter at all the crappy tat and rubbish that the world of commerce rolls outr to try to tempt us to part with our cash at this time of year. Wow, look, a poster with loads of brightly coloured eggs on it! How original! Only ten other shops on this street thought of the same thing!

Hallmark Holidays. I hate them all, especially as the gift industry isn’t afraid to bend the meanings around to get a better money making angle. For instance, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Or that’s what they call it now – it’s original name was Mothering Sunday, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with your mother at all. It dated back to medieval times, when people would often leave the town of their birth to seek employment or education in a guild far away. Mothering Sunday was the one weekend in the year you were meant to return to the church in which you had been christened and/or confirmed, ie your ‘mother’ church. Seeing your mother was probably little more than an unfortunate side-effect of the journey…

2 thoughts on “Declaring war on Easter”

  1. I don’t know who you are or what your purpose for this website might be, but I’m really sorry that you hate your mother and God. I hope that your mother loves you dearly and that one day you’ll come to realize that God loves you, dearly. I’m sorry that so many people live today with such a cold heart. I know that materialism and hypocrisy are frustrating, but every human being is a sinner. We all fall short in some way every day. That’s why our world is so full of pain and destruction. We choose it. Be assured it’s no accident that I found your website today. Maybe you and your readers needed to know right now that your life is not worthless. God made you for a reason – he loves you. Men will fail you and disappoint you, but God is faithful. He will not force himself on you. He loves you and only wants you to loves him back. One day we will all see him face to face, then you will have no doubt. However, it will be too late at that point. We must choose now whom we will serve. Find out now just how great he is and how much he loves you. An eternity with him is better than anything that you might hope for in the future. Maybe you feel like you have no future, but you do. We get to choose our future! There are 2 choices. I can assure you that he is the best choice. He loves you:D

  2. Trudy, I love my mother very much – my rejection of cheap commercial crap does nothing to change that fact.

    And I don’t hate God – because it’s impossible to hate something that you don’t believe exists. I’m sure your piety keeps you happy, and I wouldn’t take that away from you. But I would politely request you evangelise elsewhere – I pay for the upkeep of this, my personal website, and if I wish to be secular I am at liberty to do so.

    Please peddle your invisible sky fairy to someone else if you must, but I’d rather that you – and everyone else who is so certain that they will be plucked from the hazards of reality because they have a continuous internal dialogue with a nebulous and out-dated social control mechanism – would respect your fellow man as your good book instructs you, and keep it to yourself.

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