Demonization – two different ones

Some RSS feed synchronicity for you; juxtapositions and contrasts FTW.

First, Seth Godin on transparency:

The closer you get to someone, something, some brand, some organization… the harder it is to demonize it, objectify it or hate it.

So, if you want to not be hated, open up. Let people in. Engage. Interact.

Yes. That goes way beyond marketing.

Now, from the other side, demonization in action – a critical ZING from M John Harrison on urban fantasy:

A normative manouevre, defining a “good” dysfunctionality (he’s an anorexic self-harming killer elf but he’s our anorexic self-harming killer elf), urban fantasy was often described as having an edge. As a result, by the late 80s, “edgy” had become the publishing synonym for “young adult”. Later, even in publishing, it came to have the same meaning as “bland”.

Poor Anita Blake.


Elsewhere, and certainly not an instance of demonization, is my review of David Marusek‘s second novel, Mind Over Ship, published at Strange Horizons yesterday. Short version – if you like the heavyweight idea-crammed sf mode, you need to read Marusek now.

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