Do I enjoy webcomics?

Or do I just enjoy thinking of myself as the sort of person who enjoys webcomics?

Cat and Girl webcomic - Mutualism

As it does quite often, today Cat And Girl gives me a philosophical LOL with a tinge of bleakness.

[ Yeah, in lieu of actual content. Still, as of today I’m back to part-time at the day-job, so this morning has been a massive catch-up binge of very satisfying proportions. Normal (hah!) service will be resumed very soon. ]

4 thoughts on “Do I enjoy webcomics?”

  1. Yay, taking over the internet, one person at a time.

    I read you ‘about’ section just after posting that first comment, only to realise that I’ve been reading your stuff for ages now… especially the reviews…

    Consider yourself very much linked to.

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