Do you hate DRM?

I sure do. If I pay for a song, and album, a game or other software, I want my fair use rights as provided by law. Thing is, the media industry doesn’t want to give me those rights. Thanks to the internet and it’s cornucopia of tools for distibution of data and content, the lazy old-fashioned business models of the music film and games industries are failing. Rather than pull their fingers out and move with the times, they’d rather take the easy option of treating their customers like criminals. This is the logic:

‘People copy content/software, and distribute it for free, taking away our business. Therefore, we will release inferior products that are locked with preventative code that stops them using said content in perfectly legal ways other than filesharing, and in some cases bundled wiith software that may damage or compromise the security of the customer’s hardware. That way, they’re sure to stop using peer-to-peer networks and come crawling back to us!’

Sounds a little silly when you put it like that, doesn’t it? Which is no doubt why they instead like to bang the piracy drum, and take senior citizens and teenagers to court over copyright infringements that they may well not have committed, but don’t have the money to fight. And it’s not just CDs with dodgy software – it’s regionally encoded DVDs that won’t work in your player, and various sneaky software tricks that prevent you cut-and-pasting from documents in certain well known document reader programs.
I’m not the only one who hates DRM, either…hence the creation of, whose creator hopes it will become a nexus for campaigning against the greed of the content creators. Lots of links to more information about these neferious dealings to be found there…get wise, before we all get ripped off.

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