Doctor Scalzi will diagnose you now

lone spectatorI just thought I’d like to link to a post over at Scalzi’s Whatever, because he’s managed to explain something that I’ve struggled to communicate to friends and family for years – namely, that I’m an introvert, even though it may not look like it. Here’s the man himself:

I’m not faking my generally sociable nature. But I think there’s a difference between playing well with others, and genuine extroversion, in which being with other people is energizing to that person. As much as I like people and being with them, I’m not energized by them; sooner or later I turn into a pumpkin and go off to have time by myself, in order to recenter and hit the “reset” button, and to be presentable to other human beings once more. Which is to say the way I energize is to spend time by myself, which is a classic introvert thing.

Now, more fool me for never reading up on this stuff before – but that bit in bold, there? That’s what I’ve tried to tell people about myself for close to two decades, and there it is in ten simple words. (Bonus resonance: a good friend of mine jokingly calls me “pumpkin boy” when I slope off home from the pub before closing time. At least I assume that’s why, and that it’s not a comment about the size and shape of my head… )

Further down in the same post:

… on a day-to-day basis I just don’t get out much to see anyone. How do I feel about that? Just fine, thanks. Being alone works for me; I get writing done, I get thinking done, and generally speaking I keep myself suitably amused. I really like seeing my friends when I see them, and I wish I saw them more (including the one just an hour from me). But I’m not going stir-crazy out here in the sticks. It suits my temperament well.

Also, you know: hi, people coming to my blog. Thanks for providing me daily low-impact fraternization. The Internet was made for introverts, I suspect.

Yes; yes, it was. That’s why I pretty much live on the internet, I guess. 🙂

So thanks, John; you’ve made this little geek feel a lot more comfortable about what he previously thought was a pretty major personality dichotomy. May your thinking time always be interrupted as little as possible, sir. [image courtesy frielp]

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  1. That’s the core divergence at the heart of the Myers-Briggs taxonomy.

    It’s a bit vague and generic, but if you’re prepared to take it with a pinch of salt, there’s some value to be derived from some of the type sketches and analyses out on the net. I’m pretty sure I’m an INFP.

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