Doom 3 case-mod (plus…the geIgerPod)

More case-mod extravagence for your brain…check out the Doom 3 Mars City special (link to build log with more photos), knocked together (with the sort of obsession and attention to detail that usually only manifests itself in wargame miniature painters) by a bloke known as ‘Crimson Sky’:

Link modded from TechEBlog.

But people don’t just mod computer cases, oh no. iPods are ripe for modding and hacking too; on the hacking front, people have got them running Linux, making VOIP phone calls and everything. But some people just like to rehouse them in something a little less bog-standard than the iconic white case…like this person who decided to build his ‘pod into an old geiger counter. Why? Silly question – you should be asking ‘why not’?

Link shuffled from MAKEblog.

2 thoughts on “Doom 3 case-mod (plus…the geIgerPod)”

  1. Good job on this case i would like that for my comp but i don’t have the money and also Doom 3 is one of my favorite games i grew up with Doom

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