Earth Bacteria Invade Titan?

Well, probably not. But Brett Gladman of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada reckons that it is at least possible that rocks ejected from an asteroid strike on Earth could have been propelled out into the solar system to crash land on moons or other planets, Titan being one of them. It is also conceivable that certain hardy bacteria could survive the journey.

This re-opens debate on a theory called ‘panspermia’. Okay, stop giggling at the back. Panspermia posits the idea that life on Earth, or indeed anywhere else, could have been delivered there by material from outer space, be it from a planet, a comet or whatever. Once a roundly derided theory, panspermia is not quite so unfashionable an idea in this day and age. Some thinkers believe that this is how life on Earth may have got started. However, going one step further and speculating on the deliberate seeding of planets by intelligences unknown will probably still get you laughed out of almost anywhere but your local Science Fiction readers group.

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