Eastercon back on again?

Good news via Torque Control … there may be an Eastercon after all, despite the collapse of the Convoy bid. Contemplation 2007 promises to be a ‘lightly programmed replacement’ for Eastercon. That may not be what everyone wants to hear, but it sounds good to me – what I’m after is a chance to have a social with some other sf heads again. I’m still new to cons, and the sense of community is enough for me (though obviously having some notables about would be a bonus).

So, UK sf people – what say you? Are we going to go for it? Or is everyone going to decide that if it ain’t the real thing, it’s not worth bothering? I think we can make a go of it, even if it is smaller in scale. But maybe that’s the naive optimism of a n00b …


Yes, I had a lovely weekend away; thanks for asking. It’s a pleasure to catch up with family from time to time, which is frankly something I don’t do often enough. Got very little writing done thanks to spending time chatting with my mother and my aunt, but I did finish le Guin’s The Dispossessed. And what an excellent novel it is, too … why don’t we get any books like that in sf any more? It’s the best argument for ‘sf as literature’ I’ve read in a while, that’s for certain.

Speaking of books, I got home to find a parcel from my overlords at Vector – a new review job! w00t! It’s quite a privilege item, too – but I’ll save detailed crowing for FPB.

As I got home later than expected, the Schroeder review will have to be done tomorrow (no intarwebs or compewtars in teh countryside), but I’m sure you’ll live until then. In the meantime, proof positive that my house plant tendencies are a family thing – this is one of the six orchids my aunt currently has in full bloom in her kitchen:


Pretty impressive for a Dorset windowsill in mid-November, don’t you think?

Back to normal tomorrow – hey, at least you got some links! 🙂

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