Eastercon Monday: the nature of promises unkept

Jonathan’s right; you could (and should) laugh. I had no decent experience on which to judge how busy I’d be at an Eastercon, and vastly overestimated how much time (and indeed willpower) I’d have for blogging work – or at least things that seemed more like work than what I ended up doing.

Which was largely socialising, in various forms. Last year, at my first Eastercon, I knew hardly anyone, and so had very little to do between panels but wander about the place doing my best bug-eyed n00b impression. In the year since then, however, I’ve become more a visible part of the UK sf scene, and hence had loads of interesting people to talk to in meatspace – often for the first time, too. Having people I’d never met come up to me already knowing my name was also strange – until you get used to the idea of having a large badge with it written on hanging around your neck. I’ve heard other people say the same thing all weekend – con-time flies fast, and before you know what’s happened it’s 3 am, and you’re wondering where the hell your room is, not to mention how to open the door when you find it.

And it’s a lot of fun. It’s a hugely inclusive environment – cheerful, open and affable, if a trifle weird at first. There may be no Klingon costumes, but there’s plenty of multi-pocketed waistcoats, novelty hats, and black T-shirts with slogans. Plus a few people dressed as badgers. Yes.

So, a lack of liveblogging, and my apologies for promising things and not delivering them. I did get some pictures, though, and there may be more later; plus I did one (yes, one) interview with Chris Beckett, and the reviews panel recording seemed to work out pretty well, so I’ll be sharing this rather minimal haul over the next week or so. I’ve got to be honest, and say I don’t feel too guilty about it. This is the closest thing to a holiday I’ve had for about a year, and looking at the state of my finances, it’s about the only holiday I’ll be having for another year…

…until next year’s Eastercon, which I’ve already signed up for. Now all I have to do is survive the Dead Dog Party and make the long journey home tomorrow, which will be an entirely different type of challenge.

Thanks to everyone who spent time with me over the weekend, especially Shaun (and his monster hangover); Martin ‘Hobbit-lover’ McGrath; Niall, Graham, Liz and the rest of the Third Row gang (for inducting someone without an Oxbridge background); Paul Cornell; Jetse, Sandy and Roy from Interzone, and many more. I’m looking forward to next time – and I’ll be leaving my laptop at home.

8 thoughts on “Eastercon Monday: the nature of promises unkept”

  1. Did see Jonathan’s comments. There are various responses to him, the most polity of which is “so what, at least I was having fun with the folks at Eastercon” and glad you did (but then with that group it would be tricky not to!)

  2. Ahh look, Martin, you didn’t link your blog in your comment! ‘Fess up! Unless it really is for Tolkein slash…

    Paul, you may be pleased to learn that I survived my journey home somehow, despite spending half the journey ruing my existence and bouncing side to side in train toilets. And then there were the fever dreams, wherein I devised a wonderful new writing style which I can’t remember any more.

    Lesson learned: avoid the more dubious hotel food (I can only assume it was that egg mayo sandwich, as everything else I ate was also eaten by other people).

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