Eastercon: My agenda, liveblogging and interviews hitlist

For the enjoyment of those who stalk sf-scene nobodies with an overinflated opinion of themselves (and because I’ve seen other people do it, and I like to share), here is my subject-to-change agenda for this weekend’s Eastercon:


14:30 Intro to panels, moderating – Kings Room (I’ll be needing this…)

18:30 Book reviews panel – Edward 1 Room (…because I’m moderating this, so please come along and pitch in.)

20:00 Worldbuilding/nerdism panel – Charles 1 room

Saturday 7 Apr

12:00 BSFA Awards taster – Edward 1 room

14:00 George Hay Memorial lecture – Kings Room

16:30 Un-American Futures panel – Kings room

21:00 BSFA Awards Ceremony – Kings Room

Sunday 8 Apr

10:00 Eastercon Identity panel – Kings room

13:00 Library Cataloguing Panel – Roodee Room (Still a question mark by this one, TBH.)

14:00 Adamist or Edenist Panel – Roodee Room (Panellist for this one, so come along and heckle.)

17:00 Artetypes panel – Edward 1 room

Monday 9 April

11:00 Human Factors in Space Travel panel – Charles 1 Room

13:00 ‘Glorifying Terrorism’ Anthology panel – Edward 1 Room

16:00 Closing Ceremony and Awards – Charles 1 Room

19:00 Dead Dog Party (If I am not already dead, natch.)


There’s deliberately lots of space left in there for running around like a headless chicken, meeting cool new people, and doing as much on-the-spot blogging as I can manage. And space for interviews, too, which (tools permitting) will be recorded in glorious audio for you to listen to at leisure. The following people have graciously said they’ll spare me time for silly questions over the weekend:

  • Farah Mendlesohn
  • Sandy Auden (my reviews ed. at Interzone)
  • Jetse de Vries (who hasn’t agreed formally, but I figure I’ll buy him a beer or two and ask him for tales of the slush-pile and just record the result…)
  • Charlie Stross (if I can find a moment when the rest of the world isn’t trying to get a piece of him)
  • John Jarrold (UK sf agent supreme)
  • Chris Beckett (newest author on John Jarrold’s roster, and a lovely bloke to boot)
  • Richard Morgan
  • Graham Sleight (who can’t talk about the Clarke Awards, or indeed any UK fiction at all – which should make for a challenge)

The following either haven’t replied to my emails, or had no publicly available email for me to try, but will be approached ‘in the wild’:

  • Ian Macdonald
  • Jon Courtenay Grimwood
  • Ken MacLeod (who may be sick of answering questions from me, but as a fellow smoker is bound to end up in the same place as me at least once over the weekend…)

And the refusals:

  • Dave Langford (who begs off due to failing hearing, and says he’ll do something by email if I want to)
  • Niall Harrison (who claims he doesn’t have the ego to submit to interviews – yeah, right, Mr. Two-Editorships … šŸ˜‰ )

If you have a suggestion for other people I should corner, or questions for those I already have on the list, send them in – I’ll have email all weekend (I hope).


So, busy times, especially when the drinking, eating and sleeping bits are factored in. I’ll be hanging out with my main man (and fellow South-coaster) Shaun for a lot of the time, I expect (unless I bore him senseless on the train journey up), but I’d like to meet some new faces too, so come and say ‘hi’ if you see me about – I’ll be the scruffy dreadlocked rock-band reject toting a camera and a laptop about the place.



6 thoughts on “Eastercon: My agenda, liveblogging and interviews hitlist”

  1. Thoughts in no particular order:

    1. I’m going to miss the nerdism panel, sadly, so I expect a full report of that one.

    2. Trust me, I’d really make a crap interviewee.

    3. Hey, I didn’t know Chris Beckett was going to be there. Cool. Since I’m meant to be BSFA-interviewing him at the start of ’08, I should try to say hi.

    4. You might also try to interview Jo Fletcher, since you don’t have any current book-editors on your list at the moment. And Geoff Ryman? Ask *him* about the state of UK genre criticism …

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