End of an era

Today is, in some ways, a sad day.  This evening, I am off to my local music venue The Wedgewood Rooms, on my last ever gig review assignment for The Fly Wessex. The reason being that the site is ceasing operations over the next month or so; the details are complex, and I’ll not go into them here. Suffice to say that the hard work that myself and all the other contributors (and our fierce and righteous editor, too) did for free, and for the love of what we were doing, was shrugged off by the corporate overlords who should have been more grateful for it, with little in the way of thanks. All good things must end; the truly great things must, perforce, end soonest.

I shall miss reviewing for TFW; in the last nine months I’ve written and had published over forty pieces of writing, mostly reviews with some interviews and other stuff thrown in. Why not take a look at my archive of pieces there; if nothing else it’ll display what even I must admit is a pretty fierce learning curve, as far as writing skills are concerned. The list isn’t chronological, sadly, but just poke around, they’ve all got dates on them somewhere. Some personal favourites were the Melt-Banana review, my second Oceansize review (and my interview with them), and my review of Editors.

But as I said, in some ways it’s a good day. Because tonight I’m reviewing Strapping Young Lad. Unless you’re into fairly heavy music, you’ll probably never have heard of them. Suffice to say they bring a level of humour and irony to extreme metal that knows few equals, while never compromising on the raw bludgeoning power of the music. Plus their frontman, Devin Townsend, is a) a complete nutcase and awesome showman, and b) a dead ringer for a klingon without the forehead ridges…kind of. If you like extreme music, I heartily recommend you give them a try, if you haven’t already. If you don’t like extreme music, I’d steer clear.

Other good things that happened today; picked up a month’s worth of comics (‘Neverwhere’, ‘Y the Last Man’ and Rushkoff’s ‘Testament’), ordered the graphic novel ‘Five Fists of Science’ by Matt Fraction, got a ‘sorry you were out’ card from the Royal Mail (meaning I can pick up my Valleyschwag tomorrow), and actually managed to write two posts on this here blog that aren’t just a daily link dump (wahey, you lucky people)!

I think, on balance, today is good. I shall hold my head high as I watch the band tonight – there will be more writing jobs in the future, I hope. But as a first one (TFW was pre-Futurismic), I couldn’t have asked for better times, nor better co-workers or a better editor (thanks, P, if you’re reading this – you’re a star). Life moves on, but it can’t steal the memories.

(And now you see why I never usually blog about my personal life…because I don’t really have much of one! Gotta run.)

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