Energy-efficient Library

I love the library where I work, but to tell the truth it’s an ugly late sixties concrete monstrosity that’s about as eco-friendly as a petrol-powered breezeblock. Which is why I think it would be amazing to work in this energy efficient building that houses the ‘Foster and Partner’s Philology Library’ in Berlin!

Which reminds me also of the jealousy we Velcro City library staff feel towards the staff of Brighton’s new energy-efficient design-triumph of a library…no Sick Building Syndrome and static-laden sixties carpets for those cats!

2 thoughts on “Energy-efficient Library”

  1. Hi, I’m Mark over at Charles Stross’ site.
    Yah this is like remnding me of the late 70s and now finally we are building stuff liike this. Geeesh.
    Maybe we tried we just didnt have the materials?
    Check out some late 70s and early 80s films with these types of buildings.

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