European IQ rankings…Germans come in top

According to a recent study, the Germans have the highest average IQ in Europe. Close behind them were the Dutch, the Poles and the Swedes. The British came in eighth place – but confirmed British francophobes can content themselves with the fact that the French were at position fifteen.

The head of the investigation claims that the inhabitants of colder, more challenging northerly climates would have evolved higher intelligence as a survival necessity. He also thinks that the difference between the British and French scores can be ascribed to:

‘the results of military conflict. He described it as “a hitherto unrecognised law of history” that “the side with the higher IQ normally wins, unless they are hugely outnumbered, as Germany was after 1942”.’

Then again, the same man caused controversy last year by stating that men average out to be 5 IQ point smarter than women. He seems to like to make bold proclamations on these matters.

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