Filesharer? Prepare to be treated like a a terrorist

Music industry tries to hijack serious crime legislation in Europe

When the UK Presidency suggested to the EU that telecoms service providers and ISPs should be forced to retain information about the telephone calls you make and the sites you visit, they stated that it was an essential ‘balance’ struck between liberty and security: a grave compromise necessitated by the threat of terrorism and serious crime.We don’t remember them mentioning ‘and might help the recording industry fish for file-sharing networks, DRM workarounds, and spurious patent infringers’.

The newly-formed Creative and Media Business Alliance (CMBA), made up of companies such as Sony BMG, Disney, EMI, IFPI, MPA and Universal Music International, this week expressed an interest in communications traffic data so that they can more easily prosecute ‘intellectual property infringements’.

Thanks to a combination of two fast-tracked EU directives, they may just get their wish: and allow a UK plan to limit civil liberties to turn into a privacy-invading free-for-all by the entertainment lobby.

Not just Sony this time, boys and girls. That’s right…your online privacy is in danger of being removed completely, so that fat-cat entertainment industry companies can trace your online actions in case you do anything illegal. Not just trying to build a ‘dirty bomb’ or assassinate George Bush, but downloading a tune or two. Follow the link above, and then use the link on the blog that follows to email your MEP. There isn’t much time, either. 1984 goes wired…

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