For all MySpace haters…

Think MySpace promotes a uniformity of ‘culture’ among its users? Yeah, me too. So, like me, you’ll probably love this picture that I found floating around teh intarwebs:

Are you clonely?

A million bad haircuts flick sideways in rage at my wrongness…I guess I, like, totally suck and stuff, and am probably ghey. Think I’ll go listen to Fallout Boy; no-one understands me, anyway.

4 thoughts on “For all MySpace haters…”

  1. I’m not the only one who belives this? ^^ Thank God… I was beginning to think there’d be a nation of Myspace clones. I really hope Myspace dies soon. I really do. -.-;

  2. NIce pic, love it. But I don’t actually hate MySpace, only the way that 12-year old kids use/obsess over it. I think MySpace would be great for things like advertising buisnesses, or helping your singing or acting career or whatever. But a buncha kids decided that they were gonna post pics of themselves along with hilariously long entries about how crappy their life is. Or give out personal information and get raped by some creepy old man with pretending to be an A&F model. Most of my friends are MySpace groupies, and one told me I was a ‘fag’ because I don’t like MySpace. They think it is ‘so cool’ because you can ‘talk to your friends without actually talking to them’. Again, I don’t mind MySpace, but I do hope the trend dies out, so I don’t have to listen to everyone b.s. about it.

  3. You know, I am a frequent myspace user, but the more and more I think about it….I find it is pretty stupid. The fact is myspace gives you something to do when you are at home and you don’t know whats going on around town, but it gets to the point of being borderline pathetic when people do as much stuff to their myspace pages as they do. I don’t have the time to blog and put videos and layouts and all that good stuff on mine. I’m not exactly against myspace but I do believe that it is taking over. I mean, myspace has how many million users? I haven’t exactly crunched the numbers myself but I know for a fact it is a hell of a lot. These users aren’t quick to realize how much time they waste on this “social networking scene.” As Sci Fi as it may sound I deep down feel that by the time the entire human race is wiped out everyone in the world will have myspace, with the exception of a select few. And by this time computers will have the technology to allow everyone to be survived by their myspace. Almost like myspace could become its own cyber race. Yeah, I know…weird. But all in all, you have to think about things like this. As much as I hear when I’m at the movies and around town, “Hey! I know you from MySpace don’t I?” It scares me to a certain extent. Myspace should probably be outlawed, eventually it will take over.

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