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You know how they always say the screwing with your .dll files is a profoundly stupid idea?

PhaXx0r3d boXx0r

They aren’t lying. Yup, yours truly managed to screw his installation of Windows last night, and has spent about 24 hours first trying to fix it, then replace it, then rescue the files from the old drive. (If anyone says ‘backups’, I’ll make my angry face.) She’s up and running again now, but it’s been a long nerve-racking day. I picked a great week to stop drinking, that’s for sure.


Compared to that, the events of the rest of the week literally pale into insignificance. Nice new year’s eve night out, lazy hungover new year’s day, then back to work Tuesday in that apres-holiday frame of mind that really makes the hours drag like fingernails down a blackboard. At least my computer dying added some excitement to the week, but that’s the sort of excitement that makes you think that perhaps an excitement-free life would actually be quite idyllic.

However, there are a few announcements for the week. One is that I have Ken MacLeod’s interview answers somewhere on this machine, and a hefty load of them there are too, so there’s something to look forward to. The downside is they’re locked under invalid permissions on (what is now) the other hard drive; I think I can get at them, but there’ll be an amount of screwing about involved. I knew it was time to migrate to Gmail; I only wish I’d done it about a month earlier.

And furthermore, Peter Watts (author of the much-feted Blindsight that everyone has been raving about) has agreed to an interview at some point in the future when his schedule permits – he’s busy on DNA barcoding right now, apparently. More news on this when I have it. I’m about half-way through Blindsight now, and it’s an absolute face-ripper of a novel – makes Al Reynolds look like Beatrix Potter. (No offence Alastair, if you happen to be passing by, but Watts has you nailed in the ‘dark, grim and hard’ stakes.)


And finally some incoming materials – December’s F&SF finally made it here yesterday, and my pre-ordered copy of Rudy Rucker’s Mad Professor collection turned up while I was elbow-deep in cable-ties and swear words this morning. The new Interzone should be here next week, postal service permitting, so it’s already shaping up to be another ‘more stuff than I have time to read’ year. Hell, why break the habit of a lifetime?

Well, that’s all for now. I had the Friday Curry while watching Windows try to alter an entire hard drive’s worth of file permissions. It’s given me back about 80% (including most of the real essentials) but there is work yet to be done – especially considering I have a review deadline tomorrow. Wish me luck; things should be back to normal as of tomorrow – or at least as normal as normal ever gets round here. Adios, amigos …

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