Fresh fictional efforts

So, I’m trying my hand at stories again. My goal for the year is to finish one regular short story per month – ‘regular’ being defined by the SFWA’s definition of a short coming in at 7500 words or less. About a year or so ago, when I first started poking around with actually writing stories (as opposed to just thinking about writing them), I used to think writers set their daily goals very low.

“A thousand words a day? No problems,” I thought. “Hell, I can write a thousand words in an hour, and I can’t even touch-type!”

A little experimentation soon brought home the need for such realistic figures – that thousand words a day doesn’t count the ones you type and then discard as being unutterable tripe. And I’m pretty positive an experienced writer trashes a far smaller percentage of their work than I am doing at the moment …

Still, I’m soldiering on, despite the derailment of the computer failures, and I reckon I can get this current project done by the end of the month. Whether it’ll be worth the memory it’s saved in is another question. But ‘finish what you start’ is a bit of advice I’ve heard countless times, so I’ll try to hold off beating myself up over the quality until I have the quantity sorted. Two decent evenings of work puts me here:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,001 / 7,500

Wish me luck. I need all the help I can get!

Oh, blogging will probably be sparse to non-existent tomorrow, as I’m off to a gig with some friends tonight and may get home quite late. Take care …

5 thoughts on “Fresh fictional efforts”

  1. Keep going. Definitely finishing a story no matter what I think of it has helped me, even if I rushed off an ending that I knew was rubbish. Somehow it’s easier to do something constructive to a finished piece.

    Also 7500 is quit a long short, I reckon. Not sure what the average short published these days is?

  2. Thanks for the advice, James. 7500 is, I believe, the upper limit of the short story category – I’m working on the theory that more than a little trimming and editing will be required once it’s done, and I wanted a target to work toward, no matter how arbitrary. We shall see what happens.

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