Friday (no) Photo Blogging: in absentia

OK, so this is going to be a pretty compact version of FPB, principally because it’s been compiled on Thursday prior to me trundling off to the Big Smoke for the Foundation Masterclass taking place over the weekend. Hence, no photo (gasp!).

However, because I know you guys thrive on living my life vicariously at one remove*, here are some select highlights …

Album of the week

Holographic Universe by Scar Symmetry. Apparently an example of “melodic death metal”, but I’d classify it as accessible heavy metal with a strong pop edge in the choruses – everything, in fact, that Bullet For My Valentine reach for but fail to achieve.

Books and magazines seen

Yet another instalment in the seemingly-endless F&SF subscription** arrived in the form of the July 2008 issue, complete with Ballard-on-acid cover art (which I rather like).

Fantasy & Science Fiction - July 2008

The Orbit gang have punted me Charlie Stross‘ new one, Saturn’s Children – with its much-more-agreeable UK edition artwork, thankfully.

Saturn's Children by Charles Stross

And a couple from the good people at Pyr to be reviewed at Futurismic (if you’re interested in taking them on, do get in touch): Multireal, the second book of David Louis Edelman‘s Jump 225 trilogy, and Alan Dean Foster‘s Sagramanda (which looks very tempting, and which I may have to make a point of reading for myself).

Sagramanda by Alan Dean Foster Multireal by David Louis Edelman


Well, by the time this goes live we’ll have wrapped up day one of the Masterclass, and will doubtless be deciding on a suitable venue for supper. Naturally I’ll be lobbying for some sort of Indian establishment (one must try to uphold one’s traditions, even when in foreign climes, wot?), but given I’ll be in the company of generally super and interesting folks, I’ll be going with the flow this week as far as my Friday evening meal is concerned.

I’ll leave with the parting shot that tomorrow evening I’ll be seeing My Bloody Valentine play live – which is something I’ve wanted to do since about 1991. Never let it be said that I don’t achieve my goals … though admittedly it takes me a while sometimes. 😉

Hasta luego, amigos. Suerte!

[ * Oh, don’t try to kid me, I know how it works. I can see my click-through stats, you know. I only maintain FPB to keep you all sane***. SRSLY. ]

[ ** A final subscription ending warning note came this week, too, so I must just have had my dates mixed up. Selah. I’ve still got about six full issues that I’ve not had time to read yet. ]

[ *** This is quite possibly not true. ]

3 thoughts on “Friday (no) Photo Blogging: in absentia”

  1. With any luck you will pay for your irritating good fortune by being so totally deaf by the end of My Bloody Valentine that you will acheive nothing for the rest of the week.

    and i’m only saying that as a friend.

  2. Is the cover story of that F&SF really called “The Roberts”? Or is it called something else, and my rubbish monitor and enormous ego transformed it into The Roberts?

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