Friday Non-photo Non-blogging: Secret Histories

Sorry folks, no FPB this week. Why? Because I’m currently sat on a train to London to attend the more southerly launch event for Secret Histories, John Berlyne’s epic bibliographical cornucopia of the work of Tim Powers*, and I’ve not had time to write one in between all the other stuff going on this week.

It’s running in tandem with a British Fantasy Society open night, so if you’re around and about in the middle of the Big Smoke, maybe you’ll pop along as well? OK, so the weather’s not so conducive, but that’s what your Oyster card is for, right? Plus it’s in a pub. With beer. And Tim Powers. And (of course!) me. Three out of four ain’t bad, AMIRITE?

Whatever you decide to do this evening, have fun. Hasta luego!

[ * Yup, published by PS Publishing, who are clients of mine, as is John Berlyne. It’s nice to work with nice people doing cool things. ]

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