Friday Photo Blogging! A sharp close-up

Last FPB of the year, no less:

Cactus close-up

Yeah, it’s one of my house-plants again. But look closely (or click through to the original): see that clarity of image, the close range detail? That wasn’t a camera-phone shot, oh no. That’s a shot from my new Nikon D40 DSLR that I bought yesterday – please don’t ask how much it cost me, I’m trying not to think about it. I’d have taken pictures of something more interesting today but the weather has been utterly miserable, so I had to settle for something inside the house. So, voila! Hopefully next year will bring a slew of more interesting images to share.


Well, I already reported my activities (or lack thereof) over the last extended weekend. Since then, besides gratuitous camera-purchasing, it’s been a quiet week. Especially at work, which has been a real creaking windmills and tumbleweed scenario – if it weren’t for the same old faces hogging the internet terminals as usual, we could probably have locked the doors and gone home without anyone noticing. Outside of work, it’s mostly been social gathering after social gathering – it’s awful being popular, I tell you; everyone wants a piece of me at this time of year!

As I’m sure most of you have been just as busy as I have, I imagine that reading a lengthy FPB is about as much on your mind as writing one is on mine. So I’ll leave you with cactus fun, and a sincere wish that you all have an excellent new year’s celebration, wherever you go and whatever you do. Come January 2nd, VCTB will be back in business and operating at full capacity as before – I hope you’ll drop on by.

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