Friday Photo Blogging: beams and sky

Digging in the crates this week, I’m afraid. Here’s the awning frame at the front of South Parade Pier …

South Parade Pier

I’ve not gotten round to doing any photography, as you may have guessed – I’ve been too busy with other more urgent concerns.

It’s a shame, as the weather has been bright and sunny up until this morning. Selah.

Writing about music

Well, I got all the overhanging deadlines for other people out of the way as promised, and with a few lingering exceptions (mostly situations wherein I’ve been offered albums or interviews I couldn’t get on my own), the decks have been cleared.

So now it’s a case of gradually ramping up to a steady turnover at The Dreaded Press – which, given the amount of stuff I’m getting sent through already, shouldn’t prove difficult.

Writing about books

No literary scribbling this week, to my shame.

I did, however, discover that I’ve been accepted for the SFF Masterclass for the second year running. Which is super news; now all I have to do is work out how I’ll be able to afford it!

I’m pretty sure I can claim it as essential career development and training, so at least I can write it off against tax …

That said, the day I’m earning enough outside my day-job to warrant me actually paying any tax on it will be a happy day indeed.


After last week’s revelation (and thank you all for the good wishes, both public and private – it’s excellent to know that people believe in me), it should be obvious that Futurismic has been chewing up large chunks of my time this week.

Most of it is the sort of tedious web-admin stuff that no amount of pre-planning can make easier, involving as it does wrestling with the support systems of web hosts and registrars. It’s been … interesting, let’s say.

I meant to post some of my thoughts and plans right here over the course of the week, but time has not permitted; this weekend may see them surface.

But the good news is that we’re on track for the 3rd March relaunch – so watch this space. Or rather, watch that space!

Velcro City disruption possible

While on the subject of web hosting and domain registration*, I’m currently waiting on the transferral of control of this domain to the registrar that holds and hosts all my other sites.

As I’m moving away from UK2 (who are a notoriously grasping bunch of shysters that I won’t honour with a link), this has cost me a lot of time and money, and caused me no amount of frustration so far**.

Thankfully, as with many such processes, Google was far more helpful than the company themselves (not to mention damning). The web is still very much a frontier town – it pays to ask around before you go into business with someone.

I believe the process is in action now, but if VCTB disappears for a few days, at least you’ll know what happened. Fingers crossed, everything will work out fine.

Books and magazines seen

Only the one incoming title this week, the result of me exercising my editorial privileges as Reviews Kaizer at Interzone:

Solaris Book Of New Science Fiction Volume 2

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Vol. 2ed. George Mann

Literally fresh from the press, no less – they’d just received the ARCs when I requested it. Cheers, George! 🙂

I think I may well end up bouncing in and out of it over the next few weeks as a way of breaking up the Wolfe omnibus – not because I’m finding it boring (which I’m most certainly not) but because it’s bombarding me with so much imagery and so many set pieces to absorb that I’m finding it hard to concentrate on reality***.


With the sheer amount of BUSY I’ve had this week****, I’ve totally failed to say how nice it was to meet some of the gang at TTAcon last Saturday (and to put some faces to the names and email addresses at long last), as well as briefly meeting Pat Cadigan and Ellen Datlow and catching up with my great friend Liz.

As a side note, Jetse mentions a conversation we had at the time regarding McDonald’s Brasyl; for the record, I don’t remember claiming Brasyl was an inferior novel to River Of Gods, but I’m sure I said that it wasn’t as immediate a story (as I put that very phrase in my recently submitted review). We’d both had a beer or two, though, which may explain the crossed wires*****.

Anyhow, go read Jetse’s analysis – because in addition to being an amiable Dutch man-mountain and beer-machine, he’s a damn good writer and an exceptionally clever fellow as well.

That aside, I’m going to keep FPB short this week and forgo the normal blathering, as I have a gig to attend this evening (EP launch party for local prog-hardcore gang Munroe Effect), and I have this week’s Free Fiction round-up yet to do for Futurismic

And there’s The Friday Curry to be shoehorned in there somewhere, as well! So I’ll bid you a swift farewell, and wish you a good weekend.

Adios, amigos.

[ * That sound you can hear? That’s my teeth grinding. ]

[ ** “Thank you for filling in this intensely obtuse web-page form that doesn’t work in Firefox and has a tendency of clearing all fields when you attempt to submit it. Now please fax the DNA sequences for both your parents and at least one living uncle or aunt to the following number, along with the deeds to your home and a document that transfers possession of all your worldly goods to a three-legged armadillo named Napoleon, and we’ll consider looking into your support query some time this week. Thank you for using UK2!” ]

[ *** So, no change there, then. ]

[ **** One of these days I’ll go through past FPBs and count the number of times I’ve described myself as being ridiculously busy. I would do it now, but naturally I’m far too busy. ]

[ ***** Yeah, I had a few beers. It was a con, after all! I’m being frugal and healthy, but I’m not becoming a Puritan. ]

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  1. I had issues with UK2 as well. They’re crap and started charging me out of nowhere. They wanted a fax! WHAT?! Finally moved to 123-Reg, who have been good, in-so-much that I never have to think about it. Also, my spam decreased drastically once I moved away from UK2. Good luck.

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