Friday Photo Blogging: Blakfish

Wednesday night saw a bit of local gig action, with Southsea bands Cut The Blue Wire (just finishing a tour tonight) and Munroe Effect (just off on tour) playing alongside a few others… including Blakfish:


These guys were nothing short of staggering; completely lunatic mathy spazzprogcore with virtuoso musicianship delivered by four kids who, between songs, come across like the little clique of slightly unhinged stoner weirdos from your old college common-room.

I described them in my notes as “Future of the Bear Escape Plan”; put it this way, if you can decode the references in that, you need to see Blakfish very soon.

Writing about music

The Dreaded Press is chuntering along nicely, with my volunteers getting increasingly confident in their style and voice. Good thing, too, as this has turned out to be a two-gig week, with the show mentioned above on Wednesday night and a trip down to Brighton to see Fucked Up with fellow Fictioneer Shaun C Green. Busy busy busy…

Album of the week

As I’ve not actually reviewed an album myself this week, it’s a bit difficult to choose a favourite, so I’m going to flag up a rediscovery: I reviewed Satellite Bay – an album by German post-rock outfit Long Distance Calling – last year, and it’s leapt back into my playlist this last week, on the merits of being awesome.

Think of Explosions In The Sky meeting the heavy bits of Isis… now feed it bodybuilder protein shakes for a few months. Chunky.

Writing about books

What with one thing or another, the Steampunk antho review is taking longer than I had hoped – principally because despite knowing what I want to say, I can’t seem to find the right way of saying it. Not having had the time to sit down and just attack it for three or four hours hasn’t helped, of course. I’ll nail it soon enough.


Plenty of work to do, and not quite as much time as I’d like in which to do it – so business as usual, then. Still, much better to be busy than twiddling my thumbs…


Another month as editor of a fiction webzine, another lesson learned: namely that releasing a new story in the same week as what was arguably the most important and contentious election of the decade means that no one will notice it!

And that’s a shame, because Douglas Lain‘s “Resurfacing Billy” is well worth your time. By contrast to last month’s gonzo lunacy, it a strong and sober metaphorical story that will keep your brain-cogs spinning long after you’re done reading it. Go see.

Books and magazines seen

None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. That said, I have one of those cards from the postman that says a parcel is waiting for me at the depot, which is probably book-related.

But in the absence of other covers, I’ll just shove in the cover for Mike Cobley‘s Seeds of Earth, which he emailed me a link to yesterday:

Seeds of Earth - Michael Cobley

Halfway between Al Reynolds’ stuff and Anderson’s Seven Suns saga, visually. Give Orbit their due, they make some damned pretty books.


Crikey, it’s been a hectic week. Yesterday I was up in Chalk Farm for the Open Everything conference, which was pretty damned interesting – lots of food for thought, both for business and fiction-writing purposes. A long old day, though; left home at 6am, got back around 11pm. And how expensive is a rush-hour train ticket to London?! No wonder people still drive…

And now the weekend beckons, including another gig tomorrow… eyes on the road, hands upon the wheel! So I’d best get on with making something to eat and rounding up the free fiction collection for Futurismic… have a good one, ladies and gents. Auf weidersehn!

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