Friday Photo Blogging: cat fight

Here are my girlfriend’s kittens playfighting; Nik-Nak on the left, Mavis on the right. They got spayed last night, so they won’t be this boisterous today, methinks:

Nik-Nak and Mavis

On the subject of pictures, that T-shirt I ordered a while ago has arrived – due to the NSFW nature of the slogan, you’ll need to click through on the thumbnail to see it in its full glory:

w00t! It has arrived!

That is just seven shades of absolutely awesome, and I shall be wearing it at the pub this evening. You can get your own version, should you want one (and have a credit card that CafePress will accept – what sort of online business model includes not taking PayPal for trivial purchases?).


First of all, allow me to apologise for very slack blogging in the last fortnight or so – things have been very hectic, with loads of deadlines and imperatives peaking at once, and I just haven’t had the time to do much more than store some links each day. I’m quite shamefaced at not having published a review this week, but things should be back to normal in the next few days – at least, normal as far as blogging here is concerned. What with the new job starting, and sundry other stuff, life is generally a little crazy right now.

The unrelenting barrage of stuff needing attention has meant my creative writing output for the month just gone has been almost exactly zero. That derails my new year’s resolution ‘story a month’ plan somewhat, but that plan was made before I knew that I’d be going through such a radical change of circumstances, and so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I’m really looking forward to having enough time to dedicate to a chunk of fiction or poetry writing every day, and I’m hoping that it will improve not just my output quantities but the quality too.


It’s been a scant week for new reading material, the only new arrival being the latest issue of Locus, but all things considered that’s not a real problem – I’ve got a pretty jam-packed reading schedule right now. But that’s another thing that an influx of free time should be able to cure somewhat; it feels almost decadent to be contemplating scheduling time for reading as a part of my daily must-do tasks, but that’s not going to stop me doing it!

Please note there’s still time to enter the Glorifying Terrorism competition, too. You know you want to …


In addition to preparing for my new job(s), I’m also planning ahead for Eastercon. It’s been confirmed that yours truly will be moderating a panel on the value of book reviews and criticism – which is pretty scary, as I’ve never done such a thing before and the panel will consist of genuine luminaries in the field of UK reviewers – such as everyone’s favourite multiple-magazine-editor, Niall Harrison, and the redoubtable Jon Courtenay Grimwood. I’m sure Niall won’t be disappointed to know that I’m not too intimidated by the idea of working with him, but Mr. Grimwood is a different matter – he’s, like, an actual novelist and national broadsheet reviewer! (And he looks rather stern and uncompromising – the visage of a man who probably doesn’t suffer fools or bluffers gladly, IMHO.) So, preparation will be required so that I can make things run smoothly, stay interesting and not appear to be the panicked creation of a rank amateur …

With that in mind, if anyone has any suggestions for questions that should be given an airing then please drop me an email or leave a comment. Furthermore, if you’re attending Eastercon yourself, please come along and add your voice to the discussion; the panel is to run from 6:30pm to 8pm on the Friday evening.

Furthermore, I’m planning to interview a fair few persons of note during my planned live-blogging extravaganza. I already have a list of potential targets in mind, but if there’s someone you’d like me to chase down with that burning question you’ve always wanted answered, please let me know – why not browse the list of attendees and see if your favourite author/editor/artist is going to be there? Think of me as your on-the-spot correspondant – bringing you the sf news as it happens, and so on!


So, there goes another week – my last as a full-time employee of other people! Still full of this strange mixture of nerves and excitement; I just want next Wednesday to arrive so I can set things in motion properly. But between now and then lies the weekend, which will feature laundry and shopping (becase I’m rock and roll like that, yo), some review writing and (provided a reply from the relevant PR firm arrives) a Charlotte Hatherley gig to attend. First things first, though. It’s Friday, and that means it’s Curry Time!

Have a good weekend, people.

3 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: cat fight”

  1. Mmm, Charlotte Hatherley.

    OK, I’m back. I wouldn’t worry too much about JCG — from my brief amount of contact with him, he seems to be an eminently reasonable guy. Is there anyone else on the panel, or is it just the three of us?

  2. On the contrary – we also have interstellar agent John Jarrold (!), and a lady called Penny Hill (who I believe is a long-standing Vector reviewer).

    Ms. Hatherley is rather lovely, isn’t she? Unfortunately for me, the guestlist for that show fell through… 🙁

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