Friday Photo Blogging: Chichen Itza columns

Haven’t been out with the camera, so no new snaps. Hence digging in the Mexico crates again; I may even have used this one in FPB before. Frankly I’m that tired that I don’t really give a damn. So: ruined columns at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Chichen Itza, Mexico (2)

Lovely. If I was there now it would be warm. I would also not be living downstairs from a mentally unstable man who is currently (quite unintentionally) wrecking my bodyclock and making my life an unliveable catalogue of tension and misery. It’s been a long week; signs suggest it will be an even longer month.

Rant over.

Writing about music

The TDP slowdown is almost complete; I have a scant handful albums waiting to be reviewed, and most of those have January release dates. This is a good thing.

Album of the week

This week’s favourite wasn’t reviewed by me, but I took a copy of it before sending it off to Duncan, and I’m very glad I did. So, if you fancy a vaguely Anglicised tongue-in-cheek adaptation of late-career Kyuss with additional slide guitar and a vague obsession with amphibians, you’ll want to be checking out 2 by The Kings of Frog Island. Terrible name, great band.

Writing about books

No, not really; spare time in which I’ve had the ability to concentrate has not been forthcoming, thanks to the aforementioned environmental conditions. I have, however, been reading some books; this is progress of a sort.


Lots of little jobs this week, various adjustments or additions or uploads for various client sites. Nothing very exciting, but hey – it’s all billable stuff.

The Pretty Big Project now awaits final aesthetics’n’features feedback before I add the final touches, but I’m hoping that’ll be done and dusted some time next week (all bar the inevitable and planned-for post-launch tweaks, natch).

Lack of time and mental coherence has prevented me from making as much progress on T’other Project this week, but I’m hopeful for good results from a lengthy work binge over the weekend.


Things are trundling on much as always over at Futurismic. The hot thread of the moment is probably Jonathan’s latest column about the successful marketing of sf-nal classics (or lack thereof), so feel free to pitch in if you’ve not already.

Books and magazines seen

The folks at Pyr have once again dispatched me an ARC over the waters; this time it’s Kay Kenyon‘s City Without End:

Kay Kenyon - City Without End

Never read anything by Kenyon before (except a few short stories), but I’ve seen people speak highly of her work. Have to see when we can squeeze this one in… though it’s the third of a trilogy, so maybe not the best place to start.


Yeah, so, this week has been pretty rubbish, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Statistically speaking, next week should be better; it is rare that I’m as hopeful of finding truth in statistics as I am right now.

But enough – the weekend is here, and I have things to do. First and foremost among those things is the purchase and consumption of The Friday Curry; I shouldn’t have one really, but I need something to cheer me up a bit. Here’s hoping everyone’s weekend is better than the preceding week – take care, ladies and gents.

4 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: Chichen Itza columns”

  1. Take care, Paul.

    As a person who’s travelled extensively and slept in all kinds of strange places: if I *really* need sleep, I use earplugs.

    Not sure if that works for you, but a mention anyway.

  2. Jill, you realise that the positioning of your comment, immediately after Jetse’s like that, implies that you’ll be sending those books to Paul as soporifics? Surely not your intention.

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