Friday Photo Blogging: Electronic intestines

Precious, precious computer innards – I love them so:

Glistening functional computer innards

Okay, so that’s a bit of a cop-out for a Friday photo, but as previously explained I’ve not had much of a chance to get out of the house on photographic missions. Even if I hadn’t had the computer crisis, the weather has been far from conducive to leaving the centrally-heated comfort of The Hall of Mirrors. So, PC innards is what you get. I rather like the way they look, as it happens, and I’m considering keeping the sides off of the case on a permanent basis – not just for aesthetics, you understand; it also improves the airflow. Ahem.


Anyway, enough of that. Regular visitors are doubtless sick to the jaw-line of hearing about my computer, so back to normal VCTB business. This is FPB, so I should be telling you about the exciting things that have happened in my life this week. Erm … yes, I bought some new hardware, including a laptop. Oh, wait, that’s computers again, sorry. Ah! Went to a good gig on Wednesday night; all local acts, but all very good at what they do. I missed Frosthold (an ‘anglo-saxon metal’ band fronted by the fine gentleman who hosts VCTB on his home server), but caught the other three in this order:

  • Sons of Caine, local stoner-rock stalwarts who sound remarkably like Clutch with snippets of Kyuss thrown in;
  • You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons, one of my favourite local bands, a cacophonously brilliant group of young guys who take influences from a thousand indie, rock and drone/noise acts and make something sprawlingly excellent from the pieces – think Mudhoney doing acid with Monster Magnet; and finally
  • Arachnotaur, a masked-and-robed tongue-in-cheek sludge-doom outfit who make Sunn O))) sound like a pop-punk three-piece. My ears still hurt today.

Thursday saw a good friend of mine depart for deepest darkest Africa in a 1980s transit van on a charity rally. You can check out their MySpace page if you like, and drop them some words of support. It’s a pretty mad undertaking, all things considered (especially considering that the friend in question has been known to get lost driving to a gig in the next city along the coast), but a brave one. As I remarked to him on Wednesday night, modern life can be quite devoid of true seat-of-the-pants adventure, and in a way I’m quite envious of him as far as the “travelling overland to far-flung places” bit is concerned. But not so much of the “three weeks living on tinned food in a transit van” bit …


My personal life has been as pedestrian as ever. But it has been a ferociously busy week for the postbox, with a whole slew of incoming material turning up within the space of five days. Let’s see …

Incoming reading material for week ending 12/01/07
  • January’s F&SF – a mere week after the December issue arrived, no less, so that’s two of those I need to plough through as soon as possible. There’s a Sterling story in the new arrival, so there’s some impetus straight away – we like our Captain Bruce in this household, yes sir.
  • January’s Locus – all the sfnal news that’s fit to print. The best thing about Locus is that it can be dipped into and out of quite easily, without the reading being ruined in the process … though I do hate the way they break up articles through the magazine. There’s probably some sound publishing rationale behind doing so, but it irks me as a reader. Selah.
  • Rudy Rucker’s Mathematicians in Love (new review job for Vector) – I’m pretty stoked to receive this, as I missed out on getting it as an Interzone job. Means that my copy of his Mad Professor anthology will have to wait a little longer, though.
  • A trio of novels by one Linda Nagata – I saw one of these reviewed in retrospect in an article on Wired before the holidays , and thought it sounded right up my street, so I clicked through to the author’s site and bought three of the series of four – the last one being out of print. When exactly I’ll find time to read the damn things is anyone’s guess – I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to buying books.
  • A late entry to the selection came at 7:30 AM this morning, which required yours truly to grace his doorstep in naught but a towel to answer the doorbell to the postman. It was worth it, however, to finally get my own copy of Clute and Nicholls’ Encyclopedia of Science Fiction:

Encyclopedia of SF

Now all I have to do is resist spending the next month reading it cover to cover to the exclusion of anything else.

Also due out today (but on past performance unlikely to arrive here before next week) is the latest issue of Interzone, so once that has turned up I’ll be about as backed up on stuff to read as I have been since I started reviewing. If anyone knows of a way I can lay my hands on a truckload of Modafinil, please let me know by the usual channels …


Well, there you have it – another slice of life from Velcro City. You people live for FPB, don’t you? I’m glad I get to bring a bit of light and excitement to your weekends, it makes me feel a lot less guilty about my own crazy rock-and-roll existance. And on that note, I can hear the call of The Friday Curry – the call which must always be obeyed. And so I shall bid you all farewell, after promising a return to substantive posts next week. Have a good weekend, ladies and gents.

2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: Electronic intestines”

  1. Ah, you warm my frozen heart, Niall! 🙂

    In reply to your notes:

    1: It certainly is; it’s been a fine year for jacket design, as far as I can tell – that Locus gallery is full of great stuff. Though Warren Ellis has been taking a justified swipe at some recent magazine covers (Analog and Asimov’s, I think), and the Blindsight cover doesn’t do the contents any justice whatsoever.

    2: Curious. I’m usually the last person in the country to get anything through the mail from overseas. It can’t be far off.

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