Friday Photo Blogging: gatecrashing a Second Life recruitment party

Hello, Friday people! The pictures below will explain why there were no posts on VCTB yesterday …

Linden Labs recruitment bash, Brighton

LL Recruitment Bash 3

Yup – I was in Brighton last night, after a fairly last-minute decision to meet up with a friend at a Linden Lab recruitment party event-type-thingy. I went with no expectation of getting a job out of it (which was lucky, because that expectation would have been unfulfilled), and nor did my friend (though she’s a skilled builder in Second Life, and wasn’t afraid to mention that to people on the off-chance).

To be honest, I’m not sure what I expected, having never been to a recruitment party of any sort, let alone one in the weirder end of the computing industry.

SL humour invades RL

What we found was a Brighton seafront restaurant (built into an old public toilet block, no less) filled with a large crowd of chancers who, much like ourselves, had seen the LL blog entry and decided to attend for the opportunity of free food’n’booze and meeting some fellow geeks … as well as a few people from Linden Lab and NC Soft bemoaning the fact that no one seemed interested in looking for work.

I gave some people my card and offered my services as a copywriter with experience in software end-user documentation*. I’m not expecting any emails any time soon … but hey, you never know.

[* “Sure, I have experience – I’ve read loads of it! No, wait, come back …”]

So, we got a room full of SL geeks, a free bar (that didn’t stay free for very long), a young lady playing guitar and singing (which she usually does in SL, as Smily Raymaker) and a bag of promotional gubbins and nicknacks, mostly for NC Soft games. But my friend and I both fell for these SL cubes:

Second Life promo cube-light

The light inside slowly changes colour, pink-blue-green. I nabbed one for my desk. My friend, being a sensible female with a handbag of practical dimensions, procured about five for sending to other SL friends. Result.

So, not exactly the kaleidoscopic blast we had hoped it might be. But it was ace to have a night out in Real Life with someone I’ve known through Second Life for a few months. As anyone who’s done it will probably agree, meeting internet friends can be a pretty bizarre experience. The weirdness was overcome by heading back to the hotel room with a few drinks and …

… using the free wi-fi to log in to Second Life and watch Bill Hicks video clips on YouTube. You can’t tell us we don’t live on the edge.

Other stuff

That was the big event of the week, pretty much. I judged at the second heat of the Wedgewood Rooms Showcase on Wednesday night, which was a good laugh for all involved except my liver and kidneys, but otherwise I’ve done very little of any interest – most unusual, I know.

[I would tell you all about the fun of editing book reviews for Interzone while waiting for the last few to arrive, all the while staring into the oncoming headlights of an impeding printer’s deadline … but even my well-honed writing skills balk at the task of portraying the repeated reading of the same on-screen documents many times through (and the simultaneous biting of fingernails) in a manner of interest to a general audience. I’m hoping that with experience I’ll become less worried and nervous about the editorial process. In the interim, I’ll be budgeting a full week of unreasoning panic into my schedule for the next issue.]

Books and magazines seen

No books this week, but one more mag in the postbox, namely the September issue of F&SF – which features a Ted Chiang story that I’ll have to read sooner rather than later.


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s instalment of my geekish life as a vicarious experience – it’s been pretty good fun from this side of the screen. My stomach says it’s time for The Friday Curry, and then it’ll probably be an early night to catch up on missed sleep … in the meantime, I hope we all get to have a weekend without appalling weather.

Hasta luego, amigos.

3 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: gatecrashing a Second Life recruitment party”

  1. Hi Paul, good to meet you last night (at the door, as you and your friend were trying to leave and I stepped in to say Hi).
    The event was a bit random and certainly they didn’t get so many people asking for a job I think, but it was good to see the scene in action.

  2. Aye, meeting folks from games in real life is very odd, but sometimes quite good. I was very surprised while playing Warcraft to discover that a number of the people we’d fallen in with lived, at most, an hour and a half’s drive from us. We met at a convention somewhere in the middle more than a year ago, and we’ve all gotten to be RL best-friends since then. They’re like family to us, and if I’ve gotten nothing else out of online gaming, that’s been more than worth the admission price.

  3. Wow, I really like the cube. Dunno what to say about the party.

    When I was a lot younger, my family took me on a short tour of hte US to look at colleges. When we stopped in Pittsburgh, there was a guy that lived there that had been my mentor in all the Unix mysticism for many years via IRC and email. We went out ot lunch with him, and I remember when we first recognized eachother, it was a faint kind of recognition of the brain behind the person, really strange. Back then, of course, we didn’t have fancy things like Second Life where our avatars looked like us, and we were Linux hackers (not crackers!) so we led pretty secretive and boring RL lives. Hell, that was even before flickr so it’s not like anyone ever caught me in various pictures at conventions (which exist on flickr of me now).

    Hope you guys had fun. See you in the metaverse.

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