Friday Photo Blogging! Hardback overload

Eff to the Pee to the Bee, y’all. Welcome to the staff room on the ground floor of Velcro City Central Library …

ZOMFG 2 much shelvin !!!1

Lack of staff? What lack of staff? That’s our shelving backlog at work as of 2:30 pm this afternoon – how many man-hours of shelving do you think we had timetabled to sort it out? Here’s a hint – if you guessed any higher than zero, you might want to reassess your estimate. Sigh. Anyway, enough of work – the weekend is here, thank goodness, and it hasn’t come a moment too soon as far as I’m concerned.


Outside of the workplace, it’s also been fairly hectic, especially on the new reading materials front. My big score of the week was the news that my next Interzone review job will be the forthcoming Ken Macleod novel (The Execution Channel), followed by its arrival – which not only shocked me awake at shortly after 7am on Wednesday when the postman rang the doorbell, but also shocked me with the sheer size and weight of the package, until I realised that they’d sent it in manuscript form. I’ve never seen a full novel in that format before – that’s a lot of paper:

Ken Macleod's 'The Execution Channel' in manuscript form

And also somewhat of an exclusive for me. I wonder if they’ll send me a bound copy once they’re done?

Other incoming materials:

  • the first Jack Staff graphic novel (which I saw recommeded by Chris Roberson a few weeks back) arrived at the local comics emporium, and is about three times as thick as I expected – that should kill a few hours quite effectively (provided I can find a few hours to kill, of course);
  • thanks to my awesome mother (via my Amazon wishlist), my seasonal gift of bookage arrived in the form of Hartwell and Cramer’s Space Opera Renaissance anthology – which I’d heard was big, but was still astonished by the sheer mass of, not to mention the nearly washing machine-sized box that Amazon decided to ship it in. Nearly a thousand pages of quality science fiction stories – that’s my holiday downtime sorted;

So, more than enough to keep me busy for some time to come. Still no sign of December’s F&SF, which is frustrating but understandable – the price we pay for being on the far side of the pond, so to speak.


Not much else of exciting import has happened this week, I’m afraid; regular readers will have noticed a shortfall in written blog posts here, and I can only apologise and make vague excuses regarding tiredness, seasonal affective disorder and a certain degree of ennui (not with blogging so much as with everything – this is my least favourite time of year).

However, next week will be busy on the social side of things, what with everyone gearing up and doing the end-of-year shin-dig shuffle: I’m seeing Seth Lakeman in concert with a bunch of colleagues on the Wednesday; it’s another colleague’s departure drinks on the Thursday, and it’s the Tongues and Grooves December special on Saturday. So it’s probably a good thing I’m not up to much this weekend – I’ll need to save my energy, not to mention money …

But enough of this looking backwards and forwards in time. It is said that one should live in the now, seize the moment, and so forth. In which case, I’m off to get The Friday Curry. Have a good weekend, boys and girls!

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  1. That’s strange – we have some trolleys that look rather similar sitting in our library right now and keep running out of staff to shelve the books! Only difference is that our trolleys our metal, probably to make them easier to push when they have a week’s worth of returns on them :O(
    Aren’t public libraries fun…?!

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